International Conference on Research in Economics and Social Science, Shiga University (RESSU)


The RESSU (Research in Economics and Social Science, Shiga University) was established informally as conference committee consisting of faculty members in 2016 for strengthening the Faculty of Economicsf commitment to research in economics and social sciences. To achieve one of its own goal of interacting with scholars overseas, the RESSU has organized several international conferences in the past few years, including the 12th International Conference on Asian Financial Market (ICAFM) in January 2017 jointly with Nagasaki University and Southwestern University of Economics and Finance. Celebrating a newly launched faculty of Data Science on the same campus on April 2017, the RESSU initiates to organize the 1st International Conference RESSU in November 2017 and the second RESSU (jointly with Nagasaki University) in 2018. The RESSU plans to meet once annually on the regular basis. The RESSU conference welcomes both theoretical research papers and empirical research papers on any topics in  Economics as well as in broader social science. We strongly encourage international scholars to submit research papers in the fields chosen as special topics of the year.


    Brief History of the CRR

    Faculty of Economics, Shiga University

2017 RESSU conference

    Date and Venue   November 18, 2017 (@Hikone Campus, Shiga University)


    Important Dates: Submission by August 18, 2017 (extended to August 31!)

    Notification of Acceptance by August 31, 2017 (postponed to September 18)

    Preconference events (Bus tour from 14:00 to 18:00 on November 17, 2017: Biwa Lake Drive Way, Okamoto Sake Brewery, Hikone Castle, Castle Road. Conference Reception Party at UOSEI restaurant)

    Call for Papers

    Places to Stay

    Conference Program (finalized)

    Tips for Participating the 1st RESSU

    Conference Photos (2017 November)


Photos: Lake Biwa (from Matsubara beach), the University Hall in the Oldest Building, 410 years-old Hikone Castle